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W.Wightman Advisory is highly experienced in providing strategic advice around buy/sell transactions.

We prioritise key operational outputs to ensure you’re not about to inherit a headache. Your success is our business.

Examples of our excellence:

  • Registration of Market Status with Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
  • Clean Energy Regulatory Eligibility Assessment
  • Infrastructure Assurance Planning
  • Submissions to Australian Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Compliant Form of Submission to Governments and Regulators
  • Medium to Large Scale Energy Procurement and Sale
  • Commercial and Regulatory Arrangements
  • Regulatory Planning in Line With Commercial Strategy
  • WHS Reviews and Testing

  • WHS Training

  • WHS Systems Development

  • Animal Welfare

  • Capital and Investment Solutions


W.Wightman Advisory offers a variety of Agribusiness Advisory services that can enable your business or project to keep compliant and ahead of the game.

Business Systems and Certification Support

W.Wightman Advisory has the expertise to help your business meet all of its regulatory requirements, ensure that you have the correct certifications and can get on with the business of doing business.

  • Rationalisation of Management Systems

  • Development of Assurance Processes

  • Review of Systems Output

  • Documentation of Core Processes (Pre and Post Merger/Integration)

  • Regulatory Strategy

  • Infrastructure Audits and Assurance

  • Registration of Installation with AEMO, CER and AER

Energy and Infrastructure

W.Wightman Advisory has a long-established expertise in projects within the energy and infrastructure industry.

We have the unique knowledge, skills and networks to help your project succeed.

Financial Services

W.Wightman Advisory is proud of its trusted advisor role in the financial services advice it provides to its customers.

We have a proven track record that speaks volumes of our professionalism and diligence in this area.

  • AFSL and ACL Application/Variation

  • Managed Compliance Service

  • Enforceable Undertaking Support

  • Regulatory Engagement Strategy and Support

  • Exemptions and Corporate Authorised Representatives

  • Optimise Regulatory Capital

  • Systems Development & Certification (ISO 9001, 14385)

  • Product Certifications Strategies (FDA,TGA,EN)

  • Improved Enterprise Value

  • Systems Testing

Medical Research and Technical Devices

W.Wightman Advisory has an extensive network in this field and is renowned for its tireless efforts in delivering results.

Transaction Due Diligence

Everything we do at W.Wightman is to ensure we support your point of transaction.

Irrespective of the nature of your goods or services, or your profit focus, we will work with you to get the best possible risk and compliance outcomes for your unique organisation.

  • Compliance Program Effectiveness

  • Core Process Integration/Rationalisation

  • Risk Management Maturity

  • Governance Effectiveness

  • Fund Raising Strategies

  • Offer Documents

  • Listing Compliance

  • Due Diligence Rediness

Capital Raising Compliance

W.Wightman Advisory has the unique skills and networks to aid the development of your business project and assist it on the path to success.

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